About Us


We’re a New exciting inovative music production company which was founded back in 2013 in Richmond, VA. Now with corporate office in Atlanta, Ga., partnering with Spadydus LLC publishing company.

It’s sole purpose is to license, compose, create, write, distribute, sell and arrange original organic music and merchandise. Partnering with Artists and Musicians to bring music to life. Creating music which stimulates, educates and inspires your music listening experiences, taking you or your listening audiences to a higher musical awareness! Utilizing the best music recording studios in and around the Atlanta, Ga area, our home base. We use today’s technology, partnering with exprienced musicians who possess the know-how to serve music with Rythm, tone and dynamics, but we don’t stop there! We phase our music, we add space, timing, feel, emotions and above all this –We add LOVE!!.. We serve music up the Appadydus way…What is it you ask? It’s music for the Heart, Mind, Body and Soul…That my friend is…APPADYDUS.