Dream’s Bio

It isn’t often that an artist arrives on the independent music scene with a bevy of material ready to release at a remarkable level of quality that transcends any specific genre. It can be a lifelong endeavor to master one style of music, let alone several. This year, however, the music industry was properly introduced to Donald Dunbar, or as he is best known, Dream. Dunbar has accomplished, one could safely argue, that exceedingly rare level of versatility and prowess. Born on September 3, 1958, Dunbar grew up in a musical household in Augusta, Georgia. His father was a gospel singer, his uncle was a bass player, another uncle played lead and jazz guitar, and most of the rest of his family sung as well.

Thus, early on in his life, Dunbar was exposed to an array of genres: country, rap, gospel, jazz, classical, R&B and so on. All of them inspired him to write songs of his own, songs straight from his life experiences and his heart. As his love for God and music grew, through his songwriting he always knew to spread a message of love, faith, hope, forgiveness and unity, and for over four decades he has been a prolific, albeit somewhat private songwriter. This year, however, Dunbar took the moniker of Dream to further explore his talent within jazz, country, classical, R&B, pop, rock, and more. His first release of 2017, ‘Danger Zone,’ is an elegantly penned, socially conscious, powerhouse single that harkens back to the golden era of soul, R&B, and funk. Currently based out of Atlanta, Dream is releasing his music on Appadydus, an independent record label in the city. He works tirelessly as a motivated singer songwriter, producer, arranger, and bass player. At the end of the day, Dream has a vital, singular mission: to have people love his music and embrace loving each other along the way.